(Abstract) expressionist artist

Born in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1952, where she graduated at the Academy of Art.

At present she lives and works in Brecht as a self-employed artist.

After having participated in several collective and solo exhibitions in Belgium , she adhered in 2014 to the international artistic movement “Neutral-ism” founded by the Italian artist Francesco  Perilli.  Neutral-ism is configured and presents itself as a multiform artistic movement, innately eclectic, driven to bring together the widest range of tendencies, even those that are opposing, though not for that reason irreconsilable.  As lyric abstract expressionist artist, Christine finds many affinities with the movement and the thoughts of its founder.

  • the “Neutral-ism exhibition “ex Aurum Museum” in Pescara Italy – 2015
  • “CosmoGRAFIE” segno materia vision,   curated by Eva Czerkl  –  Rome, VARCO Pigneto – 2016
  • “Art for Peace” International Exhibition of Contemporary Art  –  Museum “Palazzo Farnese” Ortona – 2016
  • MEDIOLANUM MUSEUM Neutral-ism International Art Movement PADOVA –Italy – 2016                               
  • “POLIGIOUS ISSUES”  –  curated by Ron Weijers – NL – SCHIEDAM – 2017
  • FIARTE – VII – EDICION  ( Fiarte y Neutral-ism) Granada Spain – 2017
  • El movimiento internacional  NEUTRAL-ISM expone  in  Maracena  Granada Spain – 2017
  • “POLIGIOUS ISSUES” Exhibition Project – curated by Ron Weyers, Antwerp – 2017
  • Exhibition of NEUTRAL-ISM movement, donations by artists members          Nereto, Italy  curated by Francesco Perilli –  2017
  • “Soulmates” – curated by Bernhard Bieling – Overath – Germany – December 2017
  • Exhibition Neutral-ism – Tronto – Italy – December 2017